Thursday, September 13, 2007

BDSM Consultants

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We do BDSM consulting for media interests.

We can provide subjects suitable for News Interviews, Radio Personalities, and BDSM/Bondage models.

On set advice for Film Companys, fast and detailed Script Reviews, and overnight Prop Acquisitions.

We offer an experienced eye for your Retail Space Decor, accurate editing and suggestions on Print Media, Contacts with Professionals and private subjects, and have a Nationwide Location Filming Directory of public and private BDSM spaces and can facilitate connecting with Dungeon Owners, Professional Dominants, Dominatrix's, and submissives for on air or off the record interviews.

We provide educational instruction for actresses and models, as well as classes in the use of BDSM equipment, including but not limited to floggers, singletails (2-10 feet), canes, rope art, and the *entire* range of implements, "toys", and adult "novelty" items and dungeon furniture, including various cages, crosses, suspension, or other bondage devices. Electrical play, wax, knives, and Fetish interests such as shoes, corsetry, medical play, coffins and hearse's, masks, latex, spandex, mummifications, needles & piercings, water sports, and a host of subculture issues.

We offer pansexual instruction on the proper attire for accurate representations that will reflect on your professional product.

We represent professionals and some of the most respected authors in our community.

We are a research point for information that is accurate, current, and consumer attractive quality.


All our contacts are protected, respected adults that voluntarily participate and/or offer their Play Spaces for legitimate news and public consumer photographic site backgrounds.

We offer consulting and facilitate connections ONLY.

Our combined years of personal involvement in BDSM/Adult Sexuality/The Public and Private Arenas makes our consulting firm uniquely positioned to immediately assist you with fast breaking news stories, photo shoots, social events, and creating accurate representations of current practices in the BDSM underground community.

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